The pleasure of the beach in Versilia follows the shining path of the sun. There are those who love the quiet of the early morning, walking on the fresh sand, and those who prefer lively afternoons surrounded by people, music and activities. Thanks to the quality services of Justme, every day is a perfect day, where you can enjoy every moment to the fullest. Elegant cabins, extra-large tents, and super-comfortable beds allow you to live the beach until sunset, combining nature and elegance, with the sweet sound of the waves in the background.


Each tent, which can accommodate a maximum of 6 persons, includes cots, deckchairs, director’s chairs and a storage table.


The sunbed, for two persons, consists of a king-size mattress 200×200 and a directional parasol.

The beach is constantly manned by our staff, who will be ready to satisfy every request: from the cafeteria, to the beverage, to the beach restaurant.

Discover our all-day beach menu every day from 11 am to 7 pm!
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